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I first started Zumba to support one of my best friends. I was looking for a fun way of getting in shape and I definitely found that in Zumba! I felt awkward when I first started the class, but after a few classes, I started to really catch on. Once you get the hang of things, it becomes a lot more enjoyable and you can put your own flare to the dance steps. It's been a few months now that I've been taking Zumba classes and I find myself throwing in some Zumba into my dance moves. I think Zumba is great because I get to dance and workout all in one. I would definitely recommend others to try it out, as it is an enjoyable workout and just a lot of fun!
- Brigitte

Zumba was definitely not what I expected! The energy; the soreness afterward (in a good way) ;) and...the LADIES! I was skeptical being a guy and a member of the Canadian Forces. But once Karla and the others started, I felt that I couldn't stop! I try to attend as often as I can :) Don't feel awkward just cause you're a guy! Zumba is the best for my core exercise and I'm showing awesome results in only a few months!!! The women have definitely noticed...
- Dean

Hosted by: Zumba Fitness with Karla